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 By Jim Miller    Health    May 1, 2018

New shingles vaccine provides better protection

Dear Savvy Senior: A good friend of mine got a bad case of shingles last year and has been urging me to get vaccinated. Should I? -- Suspicious Susan Dear Susan: Yes! If you’re 50 or older, there’s a new shingles vaccine on the market that’s...

 By Jim Miller    Health    April 1, 2018

Most don't realize they have diabetes

Dear Savvy Senior: My brother and his wife, who are ages 60 and 56, were recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and prediabetes, and neither one had a clue. Could I have it too? - Concerned Sibling Dear Concerned: According to the Centers for Disea...

 By Jim Miller    News    February 1, 2018

Baby boomers find companionship online

Dear Savvy Senior: What can you tell me about online dating for baby boomers? I’m 57 and recently divorced, and would like to find a new friend to spend time with. Lonely Linda Dear Linda: Whether you’re interested in dating again or just...

 By Jim Miller    Health    January 1, 2018

Don't eat this if you're taking that

Dear Savvy Senior: If the prescription label says “take with meals,” does it matter what you eat? I currently take eight different medications for various health problems and would like to know if there are any foods I need to avoid. -- Over Medi...


Social Security options for divorced spouses

Dear Savvy Senior: As a divorced woman, am I entitled to my ex-husband’s Social Security benefits? I was married for 14 years and would like to know how this works. - Happily Divorced Dear Divorced: Yes, you may very well be eligible for divorced...

 By Jim Miller    Health    November 1, 2017

That limp may be peripheral artery disease

Dear Savvy Senior: For the last six months or so, I’ve been having problems with my hips and legs cramping when I walk, although they feel better once I stop. I thought it was just because I’m getting old, but my friend was telling me about a...

 By Jim Miller    Health    October 1, 2017

Getting a handle on prescription medications

Dear Savvy Senior: I’m concerned that my 80-year-old mother is taking too many medications. She currently takes 10 different drugs prescribed by three different doctors, which I think is causing her some problems. She also struggles to keep up...

 By Jim Miller    Health    October 1, 2017

Extend the life of an older car (and driver)

Dear Savvy Senior: Do you know of any auto safety products that can help seniors with older cars? My 80-year-old father, who drives his beloved 2004 Toyota Avalon, is still a pretty good driver but he has limited range-of-motion, which makes looking...

 By Jim Miller    Health    August 1, 2017

Seniors are getting caught up in opioid addiction

Dear Savvy Senior: I’m worried about my 72-year-old mother who has been taking the opioid medication Vicodin for her hip and back pain for more than a year. I fear she’s becoming addicted to the drug but I don’t know what to do. Concerned...

 By Jim Miller    Health    May 1, 2017

Boomers and hepatitis C

Dear Savvy Senior, I’ve recently read that all baby boomers should get tested for hepatitis C. Is this really necessary, and if so, what are the testing and treatment procedures? – Healthy Boomer Dear Healthy, It’s true. Both the U.S....

 By Jim Miller    Health    April 1, 2017

Medicare covers variety of therapy services

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you explain how Medicare covers physical therapy services? I’m a new beneficiary, and would like to get some treatments for my back. Need Help Dear Need, Medicare covers a variety of outpatient therapy services including...


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