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 By Laura Atwood    Columns    June 1, 2018 

Treat your housecat to the outdoors

"Honey, did you walk the cat?" What? Walk the cat? Yes, you heard that right. Cats have spent too much time lying around inside, bored and under-stimulated while dogs are treated to walks, play dates...


Giving a pet for Christmas – magical or a mistake?

The holiday season is upon us and that means people are searching for the perfect gift for friends and family. From socks to wine and pajamas to animals, people will receive both wanted and unwanted...


The loss of a pet is always felt deeply

Our lives with our animal companions are defined by rituals. Here are a few that have taken place in our home: Monkey barks every morning as soon as we wake up and continues until breakfast; Blue...

 By Laura Atwood    Columns    June 1, 2017

How about a long-eared companion?

Typically, when people think of animal companions they think of dogs and cats. But not everyone wants to, or can, walk a dog or has a secure enclosure for a dog to spend time outside. And some folks...

 By Laura Atwood    Columns    March 1, 2017

A small breed dog may be the partner for you

Sweaters, strollers, pet pouches - the accoutrements of the small dog may make us giggle but they serve a valuable purpose for the less-than-20 pound citizens of the canine world. Small dogs are popul...

 By Laura Atwood    News    December 1, 2016

Tips for pet safety during the holidays

It's the holiday season and that means visitors, decorations and lots of food. All of which is fun for humans but might be stressful or even dangerous to your pets. Here are some tips to make this a s...


Dogs sniff out fun in nose work classes

If you let it, your dog's nose can lead you to the fun and rewarding dog sport of canine nose work. Yes, it's called a sport but it doesn't require the rapid-fire pace of flyball or agility, just you...

 By Laura Atwood    Columns    June 1, 2016

Being the best companion for your cat

Cats and people have been companions for nearly12,000 years. And no wonder – cats not only enchant us with their beauty, they also entertain us with their playful antics and graceful movements and...

 By Laura Atwood    Columns    March 1, 2016

Indoor fun with your canine companion

Living in Alaska can present many challenges to getting outside safely with our canine companions: winter darkness, icy sidewalks, chilling rain, and pesky moose. But as a loving dog owner, you know...


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