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 By Suzy Cohen    Health    February 1, 2018

Five natural remedies for high blood pressure

While waiting for a prescription, a friend of mine decided to check his blood pressure. He was dealing with a bout of walking pneumonia and his blood pressure (BP) spiked to 140/100! Has this ever happened to you where you checked your BP at the...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    December 1, 2017

Build a better brain by maintaining DHA

I bet you feel like you used to be smarter and quicker at making decisions. I hear you, and at 52, I feel like my brain is still fairly sharp but not like it was at 30. Let me ask you some personal questions: • Do you forget things easily?...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    November 1, 2017

Reality check – do B vitamins cause cancer?

There was a new study published last August (2017) in Journal of Clinical Oncology regarding B vitamins and it’s produced some uneasiness. B complex is thought to boost energy reserve, support metabolism and adrenal function and protect your...

 By Suzy Cohen    News    October 1, 2017

Disaster preparedness seems more urgent each day

We saw the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and then monster storm Irma. It’s not just rain, wind and flooding that leads to a disaster, it’s also earthquakes, landslides and fires. You just never know when severe weather will strike, you never...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    January 1, 2017

Use over-the-counter antacids with caution

Most of you assume that if a medication is sold over the counter it’s safe, but that’s not true. Even over-the-counter drugs are drug muggers of nutrients that you need to prevent blood clots, keep your heart beating rhythmically and your bones...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    December 1, 2016

Overuse of antibiotics leads to health risks

Everyone is aware of the assault that your stomach takes from antibiotics. You might think cramps and diarrhea are bad enough, but at least those are transient problems. Brand new animal research suggests these drugs trigger Type 1 diabetes, especial...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    October 1, 2016

Cleansing ourselves of antibacterial soaps

Soap makers now have to get their junk out because plain soap works just as well and without risk. Manufacturers were ordered by the FDA to pull out 19 different chemicals from their body wash, hand soap, dish soap and other soaps. Hallelujah, these...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    August 1, 2016

Beware of the sun if you take these drugs

Did you know that your medication can damage skin? Most of you don’t even think about that as a side effect. Photosensitivity is a fairly common skin reaction that is sparked by taking medicines which interact with ultraviolet (UV) radiation from...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    June 1, 2016

Know which cooking oil to reach for

Do you whip up delicious meals without measuring a single thing? The oil you use in your kitchen can make or break your otherwise wonderful dish. Did you know that some oils are harmful? Did you know...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    May 1, 2016

Understanding how aspirin stops nerve pain

We take for granted the comfort we feel in our hands and feet, but some people have lost that comfort, and they suffer all day long with strange nerve-related concerns. There is new research about aspirin which could help you, but first let’s talk...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    January 1, 2016

This is why I threw out my multivitamin

I used to think multivitamins filled a nutritional gap, but today I think differently. There’s no way that 1.7 mg of any B vitamin will boost energy, or 20 mg of magnesium could improve mood. I’m beginning to realize that multivitamins are an...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    December 1, 2015

Rediscovering medicinal herbs from the Bible

Many of you are convinced that prescription medicine is the best way to heal. As a pharmacist, I would agree with that at times, but not every time. Don't forget that before man pulled the plant from...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    October 1, 2015

This popular pain reliever has deadly side effects

Tylenol is popular. It is known generically as “acetaminophen” or “paracetamol,” and is one of the leading pain relievers in the entire world. It’s probably in every medicine cabinet (including mine), right next to my ibuprofen. Most...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    September 1, 2015

Iodine is essential for your body, not something to fear

Iodine is not just for your thyroid and there’s mass confusion on this topic. Iodine is used all over your body, in all of your organs, especially your breasts and prostate (if you have those). The truth is trillions of cells have a receptor site...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    August 1, 2015

Skin deep: Some solutions for what ails you

Summer is the time when our skin is exposed. We need to keep it looking beautiful. Here are some common skin conditions, as well as solutions. Eczema Dry, cracked skin and blisters can become very painful. Eczema has been associated with sluggish...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    July 1, 2015

Gastric bypass surgery's nutritional fallout

Shrink your stomach and you will lose weight. The idea is perpetuated in our country and complications such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and bladder concerns make it feel dire to undergo a drastic procedure such as gastric bypass....

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    September 1, 2013

Antacic "drug muggers" cause palpitations, leg cramps

Dear Pharmacist: I take a reflux medication daily as well as a chewable antacid. In the last two months, I’ve dealt with severe “Charlie horses,” toe tingling and occasional heartbeat skips or runs. My doctor prescribed leg cramp medication...

 By Suzy Cohen    Health    May 1, 2013

Don't get mugged by your diabetes medication

Dear Pharmacist: I have your Diabetes Without Drugs book and it has helped me, but I’m still on two of the original five medications for this condition. What nutrients should I take with my medicine? -- B.B., Micanopy, Florida Answer: For my new...


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