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 By Rita Hatch    Health    November 1, 2014

Let's improve Social Security for all of us

Here's something new from Social Security, which has just launched "my Social Security account," a personalized online account people can establish at, beginning in...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    October 1, 2014

Senior benefits update

Senior Benefits and heating assistance If you are 65 years old or older, you might be eligible for the Senior Benefits program, depending on your income. You should call 1-888-352-4150 and ask for an...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    September 1, 2014

Some encouraging numbers and painful realities

I hope you said happy birthday to Social Security, which had its 79th birthday on Aug. 14. In a 1938 article, the director of the Bureau of Old-Age Insurance described the challenges faced by the...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    August 1, 2014

Medicare-related updates, corrections

To my wonderful readers, I must inform you that I may have to reboot my computer for nearly the last time, as I tell you about the inadvertent errors I made in my last column. It must have been a looo...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    July 1, 2014

Updates on Medigap, state retiree benefits, more

If you are new to Medicare, you need to know that Medicare almost always only pays 80 percent of the cost of most medical procedures. In order to be completely covered, you should buy a Medicare...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    June 1, 2014

Updates on Medicare, home repair grants, more

Affordable Care Act and insurance plans For those of you not in Medicare and have not yet enrolled in one of the Affordable Care Act insurance plans, you will not be able to do so until the next open...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    May 1, 2014

A look back, and some reminders to think ahead

This month I decided to delve into some Older Persons Action Group archive documents, recently discovered in an old file cabinet. At the beginning of year its 10th year, Senior Voice’s circulation...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    April 1, 2014

Update on food assistance, other programs

The calendar says that it is spring but my calendar says , “Where?” Well soon, maybe. I can’t stress this enough, because I have had so many questions about it: If you are on Medicare, you do...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    March 1, 2014

Don't take your Senior Benefits for granted

For those of my readers who are on the Senior Benefit Program, there is some bad news. The Senior Benefits Program was established on August 1, 2007, and was the program we were given when the...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    February 1, 2014

An invitation to become more socially, politically engaged

A little history today. In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that he was starting a “War on Poverty.” Several of the most forward thinking citizens of Anchorage decided that they would...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    January 1, 2014

Medicare, low-income subsidies and retiree benefits

Well, we made it through another chaotic year and I wish you all a new and happier year to come. There is some good news to report, although it is not earth-shaking. Social Security is giving all its...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    December 1, 2013

News about Medicare, poverty guidelines and more

Time is running short December 7 is the last day you can change your plan for the Medicare drug program Part D, unless you are also on Medicaid or new to Medicare or need financial help. Some good...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    November 1, 2013

More news about Medicare -- and then some more

I bring you some details about the Medicare Part D drug program for 2014. Enrollment started October 15th and will continue until Dec. 7, 2014. The lowest premium is $12.50 per month but there is a...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    October 1, 2013

Medicare shopping season is here

This month, October, is going to be a busy month for seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries. October 15 through December 7, 2013, is the timeline to check out the Medicare Part D prescription drug...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    September 1, 2013

Home health coverage, shingles vaccines and more

I just thought you might want to know that on Wednesday, August 14, Social Security celebrated 78 years of providing retirement security to older Americans. In this time of financial uncertainty,...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    August 1, 2013

Get familiar with the health insurance Marketplace

This column will be an introduction to the new Health Insurance Market Place, also known as the health insurance exchange. I will be writing about Alaska and its income limits, however if you live in...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    July 1, 2013

Reviewing the Affordable Care Act, new Medicare rules

I would like to reiterate, for all the Affordable Care (ACA) skeptics, the many benefits of ACA: 1. Health care plans now must allow parents to keep their children who are under the age of 26 on their...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    June 1, 2013

New information on Medicare, and a call to action

The Medicaid Expansion bill, which our Governor is opposing, would be a great benefit to the state for one simple reason. The Affordable Care Act is now a fact of life. It is not going away and not...

 By Rita Hatch    Columns    May 1, 2013

There is gender bias in long-term care insurance costs

Just as many retiring baby boomers are seeking to buy long-term care insurance, the companies that provide it are making it more difficult to purchase by raising premiums, weakening coverage and...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    April 1, 2013

Wound center, heating assistance and other updates

Healing wounds in Anchorage I would like to tell you about a wonderful service I discovered in Anchorage. It is called the Wound Center and is run by registered nurses, who work under a physician’s...

 By Rita Hatch    Health    January 1, 2013

What you know about benefits can be critical

Changing drug plans allowed only in some situations I hope that everyone who is on the Medicare Part D drug program has gotten into the best plan they could find because they will not be able to...


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