Family caregiver tip of the month

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and also for your loved one is to establish a routine or rhythm for the day. Our lives feel more comfortable when there is a rhythm, when one thing leads to another in a familiar way.

Don’t let this make you feel that you are “in a rut.” Remember, if you are caring for a person with cognitive impairment, a comfortable and steady routine is a great source of security.

If your loved one feels secure it just makes your job that much easier. When your

loved one feels secure in a comfortable routine, then they seem to relax and anticipate the next event in their day without the distress that they might normally have.

A smooth routine gives a person the good feeling of knowing what comes next. Your loved one will feel a small sense of control over their day.

If your loved one is calm and relaxed instead of agitated it means that between the two of you, you have managed to establish a smooth rhythm that works for you both.