Raising awareness of the cruel mysteries of lupus

Lupus is one of the cruelest, most mysterious diseases on earth – an unpredictable and misunderstood autoimmune disease that ravages different parts of the body. Research shows lupus, which affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, is more pervasive and more severe than people think, and has an impact that the public doesn’t realize.

May is Lupus Awareness Month and the Lupus Foundation of America is urging the public to join them throughout the month to educate others and improve public understanding of lupus – an important key to unlocking the mysteries of lupus.

The Foundation is working to energize the public and ultimately Congress to devote serious resources to lupus research. Without sufficient funding, research studies to find the causes of lupus and to discover new safe, tolerable and effective lupus treatments will be delayed and the search for a cure will be seriously impaired.

You can go online to sign a petition asking Congress to provide more money for lupus research at http://www.lupus.org/petition.

The public can learn more about lupus by visiting the Lupus Foundation of America’s Web site at http://www.lupus.org.

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