OPAG is all about staying active, moving forward

Seniors are living longer and do not meet the stereotype of sedentary old people to be warehoused until they die.

Today’s seniors watch what they eat and stay mentally and physically active. This positive approach to senior lifestyle is embraced by Older Persons Action Group and its publication, Senior Voice. You can connect with OPAG through the hard copy of the Senior Voice or through the website. OPAG also has a Senior Voice account on Facebook and a Twitter account (@seniorvoiceak).

OPAG Media Manager David Washburn is diligently working to promote OPAG as a useful information source for not only seniors and their families, but news outlets, information officers, local and state legislators and other senior partners.

Financially, OPAG is operating in the black and has money in the bank. Art donations exceed $14,000 in value, which will eventually be reduced to cash when the art is sold. You can buy the art by contacting OPAG at 276-1059. OPAG will have an art auction at our annual fundraiser, The Chocolate Affair.

Fundraiser event will be a Chocolate Affair

The Chocolate Affair will be held at the Millennium Hotel on Oct. 25, 2013, at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at $40. Sponsorships are available at from $500 to $4000 levels. The event will have a number of vendors and a silent and live auction is planned.

Put Oct. 25, 2013 on your calendar. If you are a resident at a senior housing facility or Pioneer home, ask your coordinator to schedule bus transportation to the event.

OPAG annual meeting and foundation

The annual OPAG membership meeting will be held at the John Thomas Bldg., 325 E. Third Ave., in Anchorage on Nov. 15, 2013. The meeting will start at 11:45 a.m. and last until 1:45 p.m. Membership issues will be addressed and board members will be elected. There will be light appetizers. Please RSVP at 276-1059 or toll-free outside Anchorage at 1-800-478-1059.

Membership fees continue to be an important source of funds for OPAG. The board is considering a $5 annual increase from $20 to $25. Let us know your opinion.

OPAG has a foundation trust account at Invesco, which will receive funds from those of you who wish to donate. Eventually, the trust will be in a position to fund OPAG projects.

Location update

The OPAG executive director has approached the Municipality of Anchorage for HUD Community Development Block Grant funds to purchase permanent space for OPAG. Funding for 2013 has been allocated – OPAG is applying for unused 2013 funds and 2014 funding in the next action plan. OPAG needs a permanent home from which to conduct business. Your support is appreciated.

Volunteers welcome

We need volunteers to help us with OPAG’s general mission and specifically the “Chocolate Affair” fundraiser. Give Gary Wells a call at 276-1059 to offer your services.

Leonard Kelley is the OPAG board president.

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