Work continues on Anchorage Veterans Memorial

The Anchorage Veterans’ Memorial renovations at the Delaney Park Strip are substantially complete thanks to the volunteer committee, private donors and public agencies that have been working on the project since 2007.

Although an exact date for the re-dedication ceremony has not been determined as of press time, it is hoped it will be ready by early November. It is not unusual for construction of this kind to experience unanticipated delays.

The site involves both new elements and maintenance of items honoring our veterans which have been in place for years.

The site is still surrounded by orange and yellow construction tape barriers, but from the sidewalk one can see the new artwork and the new flagpole, which the Municipality replaced because the wooden one had been knocked over by a storm.

Original elements of the site are being restored and will be returned to the memorial. The re-dedication ceremony will be publicized once a specific date can be scheduled.

The Anchorage Community Park Foundation,, 907-274-1003; the Anchorage Veterans Memorial Committee, 276-2923,; and the Anchorage Parks and Recreation, 907-343-4427 are all participating in this effort using donated and appropriated funds.

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