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Skagway to offer doorstep garbage service for seniors


Skagway seniors who struggle dragging the garbage can out to the street for emptying will be treated to some extra help under a pilot program next winter. City workers will go to their doorstep and take the garbage out for them.

Skagway Assemblyman Steve Burnham proposed the program after exploring the idea at several committee meetings, which generated interest, according to the Skagway News. In addition to saving seniors and others with physical challenges from having to deal with ice, the program will also encourage them to not put the garbage out early, where it sits out overnight, officials hope.

The pilot program will last a year. In order to qualify, applicants must get a physician’s recommendation. Evaluations and forms are available at City Hall by the borough manager’s office. The city will start taking applications in August and the pickup service will begin in October.


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