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Q. I want to create a new folder in my Documents folder so I can consolidate several folders into one. The problem is, when I create a new folder, it appears at the top of the list of folders, and the ones I need to move into this new folder start with a “W.” I cannot drag the “W” folders to the top of the list to get them into the new folder. Do you have a solution for me, Mr. M?

A. Folders will appear alphabetically, so click the column heading and it will sort A to Z. Click the heading again and it will sort from Z to A. You cannot, however, drag to reposition files within folders or folders within their own alphabetical hierarchy.

If you want to force a folder to appear in a specific order, you can do that by changing the name of a folder to anything that places it in the desired sequential (alphabetical) order. For example, if you had files named Aardvarks.doc, Apples.doc and Argyles.doc, and you wanted to insert a new file – let’s say you had another Apples file and you wanted it to appear after the existing Apples file – all you would have to do is rename the existing Apples.doc file to Apples1.doc and name the new file Apples2.doc and presto, everything will be exactly as you want it to be. If you want the Argyles.doc file to always appear at the top, above all other files, rename it Aargyles.doc or !Argyles.doc or any other naming convention that makes sense to you, but accomplishes the same purpose.

To rename a file or folder, click to select it and press F2 or right-click it and select Rename.

Q. Can I have too many devices running on a wireless router? At my house, when all the grandkids are here, we have two Xboxes, a laptop, and a couple of iPads that are in use at one time or another. My wife wants to purchase two additional tablets, so would it be better to add another router?

A. A typical router can accommodate 50 to 100 computers and/or devices, so what you describe would not cause your router to swoon. Internet access speed, of course, will depend on the bandwidth available to you from your Internet service provider, so the more devices online, the more the existing bandwidth is being shared among all devices. Adding a router would not accomplish anything because you would still be sharing the same amount of bandwidth.

Q. I’m getting a pop-up that asks if I would like to use Windows Live Photo Gallery to open .JXR files? What are .JXR files and are they safe to open?

A. The .JXR extension is an infrequently used file format, developed for professional photographers. It yields higher bit depth and compression without loss of quality. JXR files aren’t particularly popular due to the widespread use of Adobe PhotoShop and other products that do not support that file type. The .JXR file format itself presents no unique risks.

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