By Dianne Boyer
For Senior Voice 

A centennial celebration at Anchorage Pioneer Home


Photo courtesy Anchorage Pioneer Home

With the real Anchorage skyline in glorious view through the windows behind, Anchorage Pioneer Home residents Rita Foy, left, and Edward Crittenden present facility administrator Rich Saville, center, with a Byron Birdsall centennial print. Signed by all of the living Anchorage mayors, the print depicts the city's modern skyline in contrast to its original tent city. Foy and Crittenden will soon celebrate their own centennials, both being born in 1915.

The City of Anchorage was founded in 1915. It was what has become known as a "Tent City." One hundred years later we will celebrate her centennial with an amazing skyline.

Alaska Artist Byron Birdsall created a "Centennial Print," depicting the modern skyline in contrast to the original tent city. The print was signed by all of Anchorage's living mayors. Artique, a local gallery, marketed 450 numbered prints.

The Anchorage Pioneer Home Resident Council purchased Print No. 205 as a gift to the home. On Nov. 21, 2014, the two residents of the home who were also born in 1915, Rita Foy and Edward Crittenden, presented the framed print to the home's administrator, Rich Saville, at a special ceremony during the home's Thanksgiving Social.

The Resident Council invited the artist to attend but he was out of town and not able to do so. He did, however, send a congratulatory note in which he said, "I am pleased to be hanging on the wall at the Pioneer Home but am sorry that I can't hang out with you all for awhile."

The beautiful framed print will hang in a prominent place in the Pioneer Home and will provide enjoyment to residents, family, staff and visitors for years to come.

Dianne Boyer is the president of the Anchorage Pioneer Home Resident Council.


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