How to print a folder index, reduce photos and more

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Q. Is there is any way to print the contents of a folder so I can obtain a list of the filenames, sizes and dates modified?

A. Yes, you can print a list of the files and subfolders contained in any Windows folder, and while this can be accomplished within Windows itself, using a third‑party program makes the task a lot easier. One such program is PrintFolder at http://no‑nonsense‑ PrintFolder can print files, subfolders or both, and it includes several other customizable options.

If you’re a purist and prefer to print your directory of files and folders from within Windows itself, using My Computer or Windows Explorer, display the list of the folders or files you want to print, then press ALT + PRINT SCREEN (PrtScr) to copy an image of the active window to the Windows Clipboard.

Next, click Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. On the Edit menu, click Paste (or right‑click and select Paste). Click Yes to display the captured image then click File > Print.

Q. Is there a way that the photos in the body of email I receive can be made smaller in size?

A. The problem with super‑large photos usually lies with the senders of those photos. Pictures to be sent by email should be low‑resolution photos. Most digital cameras have a setting for that, but instead, many people send higher resolution (called “high‑rez” photos) that are great for making prints, but often result in huge files. It then becomes the recipient’s responsibility to correct the problem.

You can resize the photos yourself, though you might want to politely suggest that the sender actually open the manual that came with the camera and learn how to take low‑resolution photos, or determine what relevant settings might exist for that specific purpose.

As the recipient of a super‑large photo, is a Web‑based service that enables you to reduce the size of digital photos. No software is required and the service is free. As an alternative, is also free. Senders of photos would be well advised to use either of these sites before sending photos.

My suggestion for anybody who wants to share photos is to simply use one of the online photo albums such as,,, or, then send the URL of their uploaded photos to others who can view the pictures online.

Q. I have Windows 7. Can I download the Windows 8.1 upgrade for free?

A. Unfortunately, no. The Windows 8.1 upgrade is only free for those who already have Windows 8 installed. It functions in the way a Service Pack would for previous of versions of Windows. If you purchase a download of Windows 8 now, it will most likely be Version 8.1. If you do, however, purchase Windows 8, the upgrades to Windows 8.1 will be free. The best way to obtain Windows 8, however, remains via the purchase of a new computer with the operating system installed.

Q. I’m not planning to use Internet Explorer anymore because of all the security problems associated with it, but is it safe to use it long enough to download the Google Chrome browser?

A. The fact that IE remains vulnerable is of no additional consequence in this instance, if you have been using it all along. And realistically, how else are you going to obtain another browser other than by using Internet Explorer, if that’s the only other browser you have installed? You should be fine using your currently installed Internet Explorer to download Chrome.

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