Spicing up the menu in Haines

Diners had Navajo tacos as the first of a new monthly feature of ethnic and regional foods at Haines Senior Center lunches. Basic Navajo fry bread, interpreted in different forms around the country, becomes Indian fry bread in Haines. One diner, Marilyn Wilson, taught her daughter and granddaughter to make fry bread with yeast, but she liked the version made with baking powder, she said.

Cindy Jackson, manager, said the April meal was to feature Indian dishes: Chicken Tikka Masala, Curry Rice Pilaf, Riata salad, and Kheer (rice pudding) prepared by the kitchen staff. And Haines seniors will have a festive Mexican dinner on May 5 to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and a traditional Norwegian special on May 26 to mark Syttende Mai, Norway's Constitution Day (May 17).

Cooks are finalizing menus for the continuing ethnic food celebrations each month.

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