Stories at the Cemetery

Stories at the Cemetery will be an Official Anchorage Centennial Event this year, and to celebrate the year 2015, the theme will be “Fifteen for 2015… And A Leg!” says Audrey Kelly, along with her husband Bruce. “One of the character’s legs was the only part of him buried!”

The self guided Anchorage Memorial Cemetery walking tour on July 12 will feature costumed actors portraying 15 of the notable founders, movers and shakers and early notorious residents of Anchorage. Audrey will play Tilly Reeves, wife of Rob Reeves, founder of Reeve Aleutian Airways, and Bruce plans to play John Sturgus, Anchorage’s first police chief, mysteriously murdered on duty in 1921.   

“We must have said our lines 22 times by the end of the night!” says Bruce.

All monologues are based on public records, known facts and family memoirs with some dialogue added as needed. Maps will be available at the John Bagoy Gate at 7th and Cordova. Both tours are free to the public, but donations for the actors are appreciated.

The event takes place July 12 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

A shorter version will be performed Aug. 10 at 6 p.m., with the costumed actors on stage. Audience members may bring their own chairs at this event.

These events are produced by Bruce and Audrey Kelly (274-­7122) and Linda Benson in collaboration with Rob Jones, cemetery director (343-­6814). Endorsed by Cook Inlet Historical Society.