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Send in your stories for new 'Seward Unleashed' community anthology


“Seward Unleashed, Volume I,” was a literary success in 2014, and Volume II is underway to preserve the character, color and adventure of community members in the Seward and surrounding area. Writers of all ages, styles and stories are invited to reflect on the “How I got here and why I stayed” theme. Was it your spirit of adventure? Was it that you were born here and couldn’t leave? Did you join your long lost love and run away to Seward? Or did you receive the perfect job offer?

Leave your legacy in print by contributing your personal story to Volume II in 2016.

Writers are also encouraged to explore other themes. This is an opportunity to write a personal Seward story that you want to write. Get creative with form and style. Whatever it takes to get the goods in this book.

Selections can be as short as a page. Poetry works great too. The project organizers want to gather a wide tapestry of Seward perspectives that exhibits some of the unique individuals that make up the vibrant fabric of the tight-knit community.

Interested in learning more? Attend the writer’s group meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 1 p.m. at the senior center. The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. 

The first draft is due Jan. 22, 2016. The draft should be double spaced, 12 point font and no longer than 20 pages. Be sure to include your name and a short current biography (one paragraph). The writer is given the opportunity to provide up to four 3x5 photos. The draft should be emailed to as a Word document or saved onto a flash drive as a Word document and delivered to the center. Photos should be saved as a JPEG document. The senior center can also scan your photos for publication purposes.

The final draft is due Feb. 19, 2016, and the goal is to print in May 2016. All writers will be gifted with one copy. The book and writers will be included in a First Friday Art Walk during one of the summer events in 2016.

Questions, edits and opinions can be addressed to Sean Ulman at for professional assistance. For all other inquiries, please contact Dana Paperman at or 224-5604. No story is too small or insignificant to become part of Seward Unleashed, Volume II. All stories will be reviewed to meet publication goals.


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