It's Fur Rondy time

This year’s Fur Rendezvous Festival is celebrated Feb. 26 through March 6. Some of the many events include the Amateur Photo Contest; Charlotte Jensen Native Arts Market; GCI Snow Sculpture Competition; the Rondy Grand Parade; fireworks show; Running of the Reindeer; Rondy Melodrama; Miner’s and Trapper’s Charity Ball; and the annual Pioneer Pancake Feed.

The Anchorage Senior Activity Center has its own extensive Rondy activities schedule, including the art show and reception, and annual Fur Rendezvous Pioneer Stories Dinner Theater. For tickets and price information, call 770-2000 (advance purchase is required). Visit the senior center’s website for a full schedule of its many Rondy activities,

A city-wide schedule is at

Editor's note: The February 2016 print edition of Senior Voice erroneously mentioned the popular mother-daughter Victorian Tea Party in the Fur Rondy article. This is not a Rondy event and will be held April 16 at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center.