Assistance with philanthropic planning


A new service has been launched that will provide assistance to Alaskans seeking to use their wealth to make positive change. Alaska Philanthropy Advisors, led by established nonprofit leader Dennis McMillian, will fill a need that individuals, companies or families often have, which is help in defining and articulating philanthropy goals, identifying partners or grantees, and investing in programs that achieve the donor’s desired impact.

According to Rasmuson Foundation President and CEO Diane Kaplan, a philanthropy advisor works with individuals and families who seek clarity on how to give and what organizations or causes to support.

“Alaska donors are looking for professional advice on how to invest their philanthropic dollars to assure that they are used effectively to meet community needs,” Kaplan said. “A philanthropy advisor works with donors to define what they want to accomplish with their giving, and helps them identify organizations that are aligned with those goals.”

Rasmuson Foundation is underwriting the start-up costs of Alaska Philanthropy Advisors for the first year so that interested donors can interview the service. In the future, the service will be supported by user fees.

McMillian is the past president and CEO of The Foraker Group and a Foraker consultant. He stresses that his role is not to support specific causes nor to provide advice on estate planning.

McMillian has served as a development officer, and then as CEO with United Ways around the country before arriving in Alaska in 1992 to lead the United Way of Anchorage. Since then he has worked to build the state’s philanthropic culture, including helping to develop the Alaska Community Foundation.

More information on Alaska Philanthropy Advisors can be found at McMillian can be reached at or by calling 907-440-8517.


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