Play explores the storied characters of Alaska's Wally Hickel, Jay Hammond

Two of the most colorful governors of Alaska  ran against  each other  three times. They were very different in philosophy and temperament but wanted the best possible Alaska for its citizens.

“The Ticket” is a world premiere by Cyrano’s resident playwright Dick Reichman and is about an imaginary meeting between Wally Hickel and Jay Hammond. The play opens Sept. 9 at the award-winning historical Cyrano’s Off Center Playhouse at 4th and D in downtown Anchorage, and will continue with 7 p.m. showings on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 3 p.m. through Oct. 9.

Because these two fascinating icons are in the living memory of so many there is an extra added attraction after each performance -- special guests will share stories about Wally and Jay. Sept. 9 will feature Cindy and Malcolm Roberts and the list for the next five weeks features  a virtual who’s who of our state. The audience will also be invited to share stories as well.

Sandy Harper and Paul Brown have been developing “The Ticket” for two years and are very excited to bring this theatrical experience to Cyrano’s. Matt K. Miller from California and Bill Murphey from Atlanta Georgia will be featured as Wally Hickel and Jay Hammond.

Tickets are available from Center Tix and Cyrano’s Box Office. Senior rates are always available and you can save even more if you come as a group and buy a 10 play card together.

The pay-what-you-can preview is Thursday, Sept. 8.

Cyrano’s will also hold a free showing of Paul Brown’s PBS documentary, “Alaska, The World and Wally Hickel,” and some segments from TV series “Jay Hammond’s Alaska,” on Sept. 18 at 7 p.m.