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Industries that generate the most complaints

Also: Beware football playoff scams


As the year winds down let’s take a look back at what types of businesses made it on Better Business Bureau’s list for most complained about industries.

Complaints include both resolved and unresolved in the last year in the BBB Northwest territory. Since January of this year, consumers have filed nearly 17,184 complaints regarding the following industries in the northwest territory:

Top 10 Most Complained About Business Industries (with number of complaints):

• Cellular telephone service and supplies: 6,867

• Internet selling services: 3,877

• Travel agencies and bureaus: 1,475

• Computer software publishers and developers: 1,430

• Collection agencies: 890

• Auto dealers – new cars: 874

• Auto dealers – used cars: 628

• Property management: 500

• Skin care: 337

• Animal hospitals: 305

Consumer complaints are common for any business, but it’s the way a business responds that can determine the success of a company. Many businesses in these industries work diligently to address the complaints. In fact, BBB has received 7,267 positive reviews on businesses in the Northwest. Better Business Bureau suggests business owners respond swiftly to complaints.

To learn more about BBB’s customer complaint and review process visit

Beware bogus playoff tickets and gear

With NFL playoffs coming up, Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest is reminding fans to be mindful of fraudsters selling fake tickets and counterfeit merchandise.

The Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau reports counterfeiting as one of the fastest growing economic crimes, accounting for $600 billion in global trade a year. In February 2016, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents seized more than 350 counterfeit NFL-related items in Denver, Colorado. Money made off fake merchandise can be used to fund drug trafficking, illegal gun purchases and other criminal activity.

BBB reminds football fans to be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals and to exercise caution when buying playoff tickets or merchandise.

Don’t fumble. Avoid shady transactions where sellers fail to provide contact information or prefer to conduct business in private. Never wire money or fill up a pre-paid debit card as a method of payment.

Spot the pump fake. Know how an actual playoff ticket looks and feels. Steer clear of tickets printed on flimsy paper, with smeared ink and uneven margins. When in doubt, just walk away.

Stiff-arm scammers. Be alert for counterfeit merchandise sold at cheap prices. Remember, official NFL gear can only be sold by authorized retailers.

Be on the defense. Watch for pop-up street vendors, online auctions and other questionable sources. Check with first before making a purchase.

Avoid the false start. Look for BBB’s seal when buying tickets from an online broker. Use verifiable ticket sellers and resellers that hold vendors responsible for ticket authenticity/

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of a counterfeit scam should contact their local law enforcement and report it to BBB Scam Tracker at


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