By Denise Knapp
Anchorage Senior Friendly Project 

Helping businesses better serve seniors

Anchorage Senior Friendly Project


June 1, 2017

With the assistance of Debbie Rinckey and Kathy Day (two women well known in the public relations/advertising/print world around Anchorage), the Anchorage Senior Friendly Project (ASFP) is on its way to exploding by bringing businesses and seniors together.

ASFP (as it is fondly known) was designed through the efforts of the Municipality of Anchorage Senior Citizens Advisory Commission and Older Persons Action Group. The mission statement of ASFP is “Businesses, Seniors, and Community – working together to build a Common Unity.” Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has personally endorsed this project.

Retired Alaskans bring an estimated $1.46 billion dollars into Alaska annually. And more and more seniors are returning to Alaska, and more Alaskans are becoming seniors. This creates an exciting market for businesses who wish to cater to seniors by becoming more senior friendly.

Businesses joining the Anchorage Senior Friendly Project will receive additional benefits to those mentioned above, i.e. listed on the ASFP website, the Older Persons Action Group website and publicity in the statewide Senior Voice, and the Mabel T. Caverly Senior Center (ASFP Project Manager) monthly newsletter.

Current business members are: Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center (Platinum Sponsor); Accurate Hearing Systems (Silver Sponsor); Denali Federal Credit Union (Silver Sponsor); Alaska Stairlift & Elevator, Inc. (Business Membership).

Contact Debbie at 862-0319 or Kathy at 229-2470 for more information, or to set up an appointment. Become a member of ASFP now, and watch your business grow!

Denise Knapp is the executive director for Mabel T. Caverly Senior Center and Services.


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