Conservative group for senior advocacy

Letter to Editor

My name is Mike Coons and I am the President of the Alaska Chapter to the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC). I write to inform those Alaskan Mature Citizens that AMAC is alive and well in Alaska and we have had our first meeting in November. We will be meeting the second Saturday of each month. We are in the process of finding a regular venue, thus I will be announcing those meeting in the near future.

AMAC is a conservative organization so that mature Americans, in our case specifically Alaska citizens, can have a conservative voice on issues like

Obamacare, tax policy, immigration policy, Second Amendment policy, etc.

The Alaska Chapter for AMAC will be heavily involved in speaking for and against those policies and legislation as needed. We will be speaking at Alaska House and Senate Committees for and against proposed legislation that have direct impact on Alaskan mature (“senior”) citizens. We will be holding, as available, townhalls with Congressman Don Young and Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, to express and submit our position papers on many issues. I will be advising this paper of those townhall meetings as they come up so that as many conservative mature citizens can attend and let their voices be heard in a reasoned and respectful manner.

I invite those whom read this article to get together with like minded mature citizens on the issues they hold near and dear to attend future meetings of the Alaska Chapter of AMAC.

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