Are you aging legally? Find out at Anchorage forum

AARP Alaska, Older Persons Action Group and the Anchorage Senior Activity Center continues the series of “Age Smart – Let’s Talk” forums on April 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center.

The April topic is “Age Legally”. Aging legally implies there are ways to age illegally. That may be partially true if one is unprepared, in a legal sense, for the kinds of dos and don’ts of later life. These can include things like wills, powers of attorney, supported decision making agreements, advance directives, and others. Fortunately, Alaskans have great people that help prepare us for aging legally: elder law attorneys in private practice, and programs that help older people who have more limited resources to afford legal assistance. Helping provide guidance for these legal hurdles of age is Davyn Williams, staff attorney with Alaska Legal Services Corporation. She will help us (and our loved ones who care for us) to stay out of trouble with the law. 

The “Age Smart – Let’s Talk” series is a monthly forum that focuses on a topic of interest and importance to Alaskans who want to be thoughtful about how to make good choices as they grow older. The series is developed to provide working age adults with information necessary to plan and fulfill a secure, healthy and satisfying “life After 60” (all ages are welcome). Each month the series highlights a particular topic with a variety of formats, including issue experts, panel discussions, interactive presentations, and plenty of time for questions.

Registration is required for the free event at You can also register at the door.

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