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Alaska Native American Heritage Month lecture series


November 1, 2019

Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) will sponsor the November 2019 Lecture Series in honor of Native American Heritage Month and Walter Soboleff Day. The series will focus on Southeast Alaska Native history and efforts in the political and legal arena to protect their aboriginal rights. All lectures begin at noon at the Walter Soboleff Building in Juneau and are free and open to the public. The talks will also be videotaped and posted on SHI’s YouTube channel. The courses may be taken for credit at the University of Alaska Southeast.

Here is the schedule:

Nov. 1, “The Tlingit & Haida Indians of Alaska v. United States,” with Chris McNeil

Nov. 5, “A Story Not Told: The Metlakatla Tsimshian Salmon Fishery on the Annette Island Reservation, Alaska,” with Steve J. Langdon

Nov. 7, “Tee-Hit-Ton v. United States: A Case Study in Indigenous Injustice,” with Walter Echo-Hawk

Nov. 12, “In Re Sah Quah: Self-Determination and the Perils of Common Law Indigenous Rights,” with David Case

Nov. 13, “Remembering William L. Paul, Sr., The Father of Land Claims, and Others,” with Dennis Demmert

Nov. 14, “Walter Soboleff Day: Reflections on Dr. Soboleff,” with Albert Kookesh

Nov. 18, “Juneau Indian Village: Pilings, Pavement and Politics,” with Enerstine Hayes

Nov. 19, “The Alaska Federation of Natives and the Inclusion of Sealaska in Alaska Native Claims and Settlement Act of 1971,” with Emil Notti

Nov. 21, “The Molly Hootch Case: Rejection of Mandatory Boarding Schools in Favor of Local Secondary Schools,” with Bruce Twomley

Nov. 26, “Herring Egg Distribution in Alaska: Generosity, Reciprocity and Benefit Flows,” with Thomas Thornton

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Sealaska Heritage Institute is a private nonprofit founded in 1980 to perpetuate and enhance Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures of Southeast Alaska.


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