Kodiak senior property tax exemption deadline, Jan. 15

Alaska offers an exemption to seniors from paying property tax on the first $150,000 of their home’s value. Different areas may offer an exemption on a higher value, and different boroughs set different deadline dates to apply.

Kodiak Borough’s application deadline is Jan. 15. Forms are mailed by Nov. 15 to qualified property owners who applied the prior year. Existing applicants who have not received one via mail by Dec. 1, should contact the Assessing Department at 486-9353 or email Seema Garoutte at garoutte@kodiakak.us.

New applicants should bring two forms of picture identification to the Assessor’s Office to apply for the exemption at 710 Mill Bay Rd., #228.

To qualify for the Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption program, the applicant must meet the following conditions, according to the Assessing Dept. website:

The applicant must be 65 years of age on Jan. 1 of the assessment year for which the exemption is sought.

The applicant must own and occupy the real property as their primary residence and permanent place of abode.

The applicant must qualify for a permanent fund dividend for the current assessment year. If the applicant did not apply for a permanent fund dividend, the individual must have met the requirements to be eligible for a permanent fund dividend had he or she applied.

In the case of partial property ownership, the exemption is equal to only the percent of property ownership of the eligible applicant. If the ownership and occupancy of a multiple unit property is shared by people who are eligible for the exemption, only one application for the property will be accepted. If only one unit of the property is occupied by an eligible individual, an exemption pro-ration will be calculated based on the ownership percentage or actual occupancy percentage, if it is greater than the ownership percentage.

Widows and widowers of qualified seniors must meet the following conditions to continue to receive the exemption:

The widow/widower must be 60 years of age or older at the time of the decedent’s death.

The widow/widower must maintain as their primary residence and permanent place of abode the same place of residence in which the decedent claimed exemption.

The widow/widower must fill out an application in their name, provide two forms of picture identification and the decedent’s death certificate to remain eligible for the exemption.

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