Proposition 2 on Anchorage ballot supports seniors, libraries

Remember when ice cream only cost a quarter? These days, 25 cents won’t buy much, but for less than one dollar, voters can still support some of the most popular facilities at the heart of our community.

This spring, we have an opportunity to give back to our community and invest in three municipal facilities that are vital to our daily lives. When you get your ballot in the mail this month, look for Proposition 2, the Facilities Capital Improvements for Anchorage and Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Centers and Loussac Library Bond. It’s a small package with a big impact. The entire bond amount is just $1.15 million and with a tax increase of $0.25 per $100,000 of assessed value per household, the cost to the average homeowner will be less than $1.

History shows that just like with our own homes, when we invest small amounts regularly to keep up our municipal facilities, it saves taxpayer money over the long run, by avoiding costlier repairs after the damage is done.

Proceeds from the bonds will go to:

Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center: Septic system engineering assessment, apartment renovations, and design/construction of additional apartments

Anchorage Senior Center: ADA guards and handrails, repair/replace windows, and other safety upgrades

The new Alaska Room at Loussac Library: The Library’s $500,000 portion of the bond is being matched with a $390,000 federal grant and $700,000 in private donations

Who uses these facilities? We do. Grandparents, families, kids and workers all benefit from senior centers and libraries. These city-owned facilities receive a million visits a year and serve the entire municipality.

Over 100,000 people a year use the Anchorage Senior Center including students, non-profits, dance groups and the business community

Municipal residents use public libraries regularly – Anchorage Public Library sees almost a million visits per year

The Anchorage and Chugiak-Eagle River senior centers allow us to remain in our communities as we age, close to our friends and family

All three facilities have been serving our community with altered services during COVID.

Proposition 2 will appear on the Municipality of Anchorage election ballot that will be mailed March 15. Ballots are due by April 6. March 7 is the last day to update your voter registration.

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Gordon Glaser, Anchorage Senior Activity Center, Board President

Kim Hays, Anchorage Library Foundation, Board President

Wendy Luft, Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center Board President

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