Alaska secures its largest judgment on elder fraud

Editor’s note: This press statement was received Nov. 28, 2022.

On Nov. 13, 2022, the Alaska Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance won a $1.47 million judgment against defendants James Vernon and Carla Sigler, formerly of Yakutat, now living in Bosque County, Texas, for the financial exploitation of Yakutat resident Neva Ogle. The Siglers took $700,000 in funds from Mrs. Ogle over the course of two years. They used $380,000 of the funds to fund a cash purchase of a five-bedroom home with a swimming pool for themselves in Texas and spent the rest of the funds to retire early and to purchase a new truck and other items for themselves and their family members.

Superior Court Judge Daniel Schally granted punitive damages in the amount of $450,000 against the Siglers, stating that the specific and general deterrence of elder fraud in Alaska is an important goal recognized by our legislature.

“The deceitful financial maltreatment of Alaskan elders is corrosive of the values of our community at large,” Judge Schally wrote in the order for the punitive damages. “A message must be sent that the swindling of elders is offensive to this community. The protection of Alaskan elders is strengthened through deterrence and punishment of those who take advantage of these valuable and vulnerable citizens of our state.”

The State of Alaska takes the exploitation of its elderly population seriously. This judgment sends a powerful message: If you defraud one of our elders, the Alaska Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance will come after you, even if you are outside of Alaska.

If you have information about elder abuse or fraud, you can submit anonymous tips to the Office of Public Advocacy, Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance at: Phone (907)334-5954, Fax (907) 269-1071, E-mail

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