By Jon Haghayeghi
Alaska Commission on Aging 

Teleconference will focus on senior services grants


August 1, 2023 | View PDF

The Alaska Commission on Aging (ACoA) is hosting a teleconference focusing on Nutrition, Transportation and Support Services (NTS) grants. Subject experts Ellen Hackenmuller and Kristin Cox of Senior and Disabilities Services will explain the mechanics of NTS grants in Alaska.

Grant recipients have been invited to participate in regional focus groups alongside our experts to assist the commission in understanding the growing needs of the state.

The efforts made during this teleconference will assist ACoA commissioners in gathering information to guide recommendations issued to the governor and legislature.

The public is invited to attend. Participation will be limited to a public comment period at the end of the teleconference. For more information on this teleconference, please check the Alaska Online Public Notices at

This teleconference is the first of several teleconferences offered quarterly. For more information, contact ACoA’s Executive Director, Jon Haghayeghi at 907-465-4793.  


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