Kwethluk's Grandma Luula brings wisdom, joy to the classroom

My name is Lola Evan. I am from Hooper Bay, and I was born in 1947. As I was growing up there weren't many houses, only a few. It was a real beautiful small village with smiling friendly people. Always happy. I never did attend school, but the Elders talked to me about when we grow up to respect our parents and Elders. I used to stay with Elders most of the time, and we mostly stayed in tents by the Point.

When men came from seal hunts we would line up. Our parents would teach us how to cut up the seal. On Saturday everybody would leave the tents, and we would have church on Sunday. The Elders played volleyball and us kids would play handball and lap games. They let us go to qasgiq and before they talked, they opened and said, "those who don't want to listen-those are the girls that won't learn anything and will be disrespectful." I love Elders. I love them because they have the wisdom and they are smart. Elders have strong and loving hearts.

I love being an Elder Mentor. I returned from work and volunteer with children at Head Start here in Kwethluk. It's my favorite place to be. Children are so lovable; they are like little angels growing up. I learned from Elders when I was a child, and now I share my wisdom and knowledge with the next generation, too.

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Tatiana Sergie, Kwethluk Head Start On-Site Coordinator, praised Lola for her Elder Mentor work with the children. "Lola Evan, well known as 'Luula' by the children, has been volunteering with the children for fifteen years," Sergie said. "She is always willing to help staff getting activities ready, or setting up activities on her own for children to do during the day. It's always a joy when we get to hear her tell stories of what she can remember when she was little. The children and staff get to hear how different her lifestyle was compared to theirs. Lola isn't afraid to join in on extracurricular activities. She will ride a trike, or get a ride from one of the children, she will shoot balls into the hoop, and dance with a hula hoop. The children and staff really do love and appreciate the time Lola gives to our site."

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Grandma Luula's homemade bread

Inherited from her mother

My mom never did measure, she just did what she knows. I learned how to cook from watching her all the time.

1. Put warm water into a bowl.

2. Add 1 small cup sugar, 1 small tsp. salt, mix, then add 1 yeast packet and oil (as much oil as you like).

3. Add small bag of flour, start to mix, and keep adding flour until it doesn't stick.

4. Now pour the dough into a pan.

5. Cover the pan until the dough rises.

6. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

7. Bake your bread.