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May 1, 2024 | View PDF

Photo courtesy ATLA

Reacher/grabber tools help those who have trouble bending or those with limited mobility to pick up lightweight objects around the house. Each reacher/grabber has slight variations from length, head rotation, magnetic tips, folding capabilities, materials and more. There are many on the market for purchase.

The one shown in the picture is 32 inches in length, weighs less than one pound, has a rotating and magnetic head, folds in half, and has non-slip silicone rubber coating to make it easier to grab onto things.

Reacher/grabbers can reduce injuries by helping get an item from up high without requiring a step stool or from down low without over extending the back.

This column is brought to you by ATLA (Assistive Technology of Alaska), a nonprofit, statewide resource. ATLA does not endorse this product, but shares information on the types of assistive technology that may benefit Alaskans. For more information or to arrange a free demonstration, visit or call 907-563-2599.


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