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  • Worker shortage? Then make it easier to apply

    Arthur Vidro, Senior Wire|Jan 1, 2022

    Help Wanted signs have sprouted up all over. Without enough workers, businesses can’t stay open. The day after Thanksgiving – the day when all chain stores start clamoring for everyone’s gift-buying dough – I stopped at the nearest dollar store for some paper towels. The store was closed. On the day after Thanksgiving. Why? The sign on the door vaguely cited “staffing shortages.” A supervisor later explained to me a lot of workers had been out sick. Seems nowadays “staffing shortages” can mean a lot of workers are out sick but the store doesn’t...

  • Facts and fallacies about stock dividends

    Arthur Vidro, Senior Wire|Oct 1, 2021

    Some folks think stock dividends are a measurement for how well or poorly a company is doing. That is false. Some folks think all companies pay dividends. That is false. Some folks think dividends are not taxable. That is usually false. Still, dividends remain an important factor in stock ownership. What are dividends? One simplistic explanation often heard is that when a corporation has a profitable year, they share the profit with shareholders, in the form of dividends. But that’s not true. For when a corporation has a less profitable year, t...