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 By Lana Bell    Health    June 1, 2015

Promise yourself to take medicine as directed

In my last column, I’m going to invite you to take a pledge. The goal for this year of columns was to share that it’s harder than it looks to take medicine correctly (75 percent of Americans don’t), a...

 By Lana Bell    Health    May 1, 2015

Driving? What about your medications?

In the past few years, more than one older Alaskan has been in the news for a driving accident while medicated — with tragic or near-tragic consequences. An 82-year-old man was driving his 6...

 By Lana Bell    Health    April 1, 2015

Aging changes how your body absorbs medications

We’ve talked before about how our bodies process medications, alcohol and other substances differently as we age. So … what do we need to do with this information? Here are a few strategies to man...

 By Lana Bell    Health    March 1, 2015

Tips to help you manage your medications

Reliably taking medications at the right time in the right way (with food, or an hour before eating, etc.) can be a serious chore. Here are a few common problems and tips. Remembering whether you...

 By Lana Bell    Health    February 1, 2015

Generics: As good as name-brand drugs? Yes

As a Valentines’ Day present to yourself, you might ask your doctor if any of your prescriptions are coming available as generics. 2015 is slated to be a big year for popular name-brand drugs to c...

 By Lana Bell    Health    January 1, 2015

Making sure you can afford your prescriptions

If affording your prescriptions is a challenge, please don’t turn to ‘cost-cutting’ measures like going without, or maybe taking one pill a day instead of two, or splitting your pills and only takin...

 By Lana Bell    Health    December 1, 2014

Ensure your medicine first does no harm

Medicine helps us tremendously, but occasionally we experience negative side effects, allergic reactions or other problems. Sometimes they’re quite serious. It’s important to be aware of pot...

 By Lana Bell    Health    November 1, 2014

Food, drinks, supplements interact with medications

November is Thanksgiving month, a time when we reflect on our blessings and often celebrate them with food and drink — so it is also a good month to think about the tricks your food and drink can p...

 By Lana Bell    Health    October 1, 2014

When it comes to medication, know your 'rights'

Do you respect the “rights” of your medications? By that I mean taking the • right medication, at the • right dose, at the • right time, in the • right way. If you read the first column in this ser...

 By Lana Bell    Health    September 1, 2014

Questions you should ask about your prescriptions

You may be able to take fewer medicines and pay less for the ones you do take by simply asking questions. Many people figure they are prescribed a medication for a good reason, and don’t ask why. But...

 By Lana Bell    Health    August 1, 2014

Don't let a key health care team member be under-used

So who would you consider the most important member of your health care team? Your primary care doctor? Your specialist? Your pharmacist? In a crucial way, you are the most important member of your...

 By Lana Bell    Health    July 1, 2014

Medicine mistakes are common, can be serious

Most Americans – 75 percent! – don't take their medicine as directed. Forgetting pills, taking them at the wrong time of the day, not filling a prescription because of cost or inconvenience – all t...


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