Scammers targeting Alaskans' Medicare and banking info

State Medicare Information Office issues alert


The Alaska State Medicare Information Office is spreading this alert about a prevalent scam:

Scammers pretending to be Medicare representatives have been calling Alaska seniors recently looking for their Medicare numbers and banking information. They say they need the information so that the senior can get a new Medicare card. (Frequently they say it is needed under the Affordable Care Act.)

Medicare will never contact beneficiaries by phone, email, or at their door seeking personal information. Neither Medicare nor Social Security needs personal banking information. Do not give it to callers pretending to be from these agencies!

The crooks are very convincing and sound official. They may have your name, address and some of your banking information. They use this information to get the rest.

Seniors continue to be the target of many scams. Take these steps to stop them:

1) Screen your phone calls if you do not recognize the number calling. Let your answering machine work for you so that you don’t have to try and deal with these professional con-men.

2) Prepare a safety script by your phone, telling people “I do not give out personal information to anyone who calls on the phone.” Tell them that you must verify their identity and to give you their name, agency, and call- back number. Stick to this script no matter what they say to convince you. Usually, they will just hang up.

3) If you receive a scam call, report it to Alaska’s Medicare Information Office, 1-800-478-6065.

4) Tell your friends, neighbors and family to be on the lookout. The more people who are warned, the better the chances of stopping this scam.

Medicare Information Office website:


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