Symposium explores the Power of Aging, May 1

You are invited to the Power of Aging in Alaska Symposium on May 1, 2014, at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage. This event is sponsored by the Alaska Commission on Aging, in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Services, ConocoPhillips, AARP Alaska, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, University of Alaska and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. The purpose of this conference is to provide Alaska’s seniors and those who care about them with the knowledge and tools to have a strong voice and empower seniors to successfully age in Alaska.

Seniors are vital to Alaska’s future. As a growing population, seniors can exercise their power in a variety of ways. Economically, retired seniors contribute an estimated $2 billion to the state’s economy through their retirement income and health care spending – which does not include the spending power of seniors who are still in the workforce. Politically, seniors shape Alaska’s political landscape as “super voters” with many holding public office and serving in community leadership positions. Socially, seniors are devoted family caregivers and committed community volunteers who fill the “need gap” for thousands of Alaskans.

Seniors are also intergenerational mentors who prepare younger generations for their roles in Alaska’s future – in the workplace, the community and with their families. Alaska must provide ways to utilize the skills of seniors, their knowledge and expertise to make Alaska the best place to live and thrive for people of all ages.

The symposium will offer information on a variety of topics of interest to seniors and baby boomers. Keynote speaker, Jeannine English, AARP President-Elect, will discuss “caregiving” as a pressing issue. As the number of older adults needing care rises, the number of potential caregivers will decline sharply over the next twenty years. In the face of rising demand for caregiving and a shrinking pool of family caregivers, Ms. English will discuss the urgent need for a comprehensive person- and family-centered caregiving policy that provides better supports for family caregivers, a strong and stable workforce, and greater efficiencies in cost control and public spending.

Other symposium topics will include the impact of the retirement industry on Alaska’s economy, intentional succession planning in the workforce, evidence-based strategies to improve senior health and wellness, opportunities for senior leadership and civic engagement, addressing Alzheimer’s disease, providing innovative long-term support services, and senior housing.

The symposium will begin at 8 a.m. with refreshments and lunch provided free of charge. Continental breakfast will be offered at 7:30 a.m. All are welcome and encouraged to RSVP.

Please join us for this important discussion on the “Power of Aging in Alaska.” For more information about the symposium, please call the Alaska Commission on Aging at 907-465-3250 or email us at

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