Unlock the power of Alaska's plants

The Third Annual Alaskan Plants as Food and Medicine Symposium will take place in the Anchorage area August 7-9. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium sponsors the event and says they strive for a statewide reach and encourage participation from a diverse range of community roles – traditional healers, medical providers, public health educators and researchers, instructors, culture/language bearers, elders and youth, tribal leaders, traditional hunter/gatherers, policy makers and lands management officials.

The objectives of the symposium:

• List ways Alaskan plants can be used as food and medicine

• Understand the cultural significance of Alaskan plants for health and well-being

• Describe ways to respectfully gather, process, prepare, store, use and distribute Alaskan plants

• Discuss how to be respectful of traditional plant knowledge

• Encourage the use and protection of local food resources in a way that will benefit future generations.

Advance registration is closed, however registration at the door opens at 8 a.m., Aug. 7. Cost for elders is $150.

For more information, visit http://www.alaskanplants.org.

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