Open new doors by hosting an exchange student

Here is a chance to bring the world to your doorstep: Serve as a host for an exchange student and help change the world.

Since 1990, Program of Academic Exchange (PAX), a non-profit organization, has placed over 22,000 students from 70 countries in homes all across the U.S., including homes of retirees.

You, too, can participate. Or share this opportunity with other family members or friends.

PAX students enjoy learning about everyday life in this country, including Anchorage, Alaska. That is one of the beauties of hosting-the things you take for granted suddenly seem fresh and new when shared with a PAX student.

So, when you're biting into your burger this weekend, imagine sharing your BBQ with a PAX student. And maybe ask the grill master if his or her family has ever considered it while you're at it.

To learn more about PAX or hosting an exchange student arriving for classes starting on Aug. 20, 2018, Jan. 7, 2019, or Aug. 19, 2019, or to serve as a temporary Welcome Host for six to eight weeks, contact me.

Ray Clements, Ph.D. (International Studies), is the Alaska PAX Community Coordinator. Contact him at 907-346-2064, For information on the program, visit

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