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  • Open new doors by hosting an exchange student

    Ray Clements, PAX|Aug 1, 2018

    Here is a chance to bring the world to your doorstep: Serve as a host for an exchange student and help change the world. Since 1990, Program of Academic Exchange (PAX), a non-profit organization, has placed over 22,000 students from 70 countries in homes all across the U.S., including homes of retirees. You, too, can participate. Or share this opportunity with other family members or friends. PAX students enjoy learning about everyday life in this country, including Anchorage, Alaska. That is...

  • Hardships can turn seniors to alcohol, drugs

    Ray Clements, For Senior Voice|Mar 1, 2014

    Ask anyone who attends a meeting of AA (Alcohol Anonymous) or NA (Narcotic Anonymous), the road to recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is often a bumpy and long one. Days, weeks, months and even years of sobriety can be set back by a relapse to a former life controlled by alcohol or drugs. If a person has a long history of addiction, the longer and harder it may be for their recovery. Early intervention, as in most cases of disease recovery (such as in dealing with breast or prostate...

  • Free panel discussion will look at senior substance abuse

    Ray Clements, For Senior Voice|Nov 1, 2013

    “Oh, that’s how it is done!” Whether it is a young child, learning how to read, or an older adult, learning how to use a computer, having a mentor can make it much easier to learn. A teacher or experienced person can show us, for example, what the combination of letters makes for the spelling of a word, or the left click on the mouse will access a computer command. In an academic setting, as it is in much of life, the theory of learning is best reinforced by experimenting and doing. “Putting theory into practice” is the motto of the Human Ser...