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July 1, 2019

We want to shout out a very big thank you to a wonderful and ever growing group of people that includes our donors, sponsors, volunteers and exhibitors. These individuals provide much needed support for Alaska Health Fair’s South Central, South East and Tanana Valley/Northern Region Programs. We would not succeed without your ongoing support. AHF has ingrained itself into the Alaskan fabric, with residents who live and work here benefiting from 40 years of hard-working volunteers and employee dedication.

These are caring Alaskans who give in so many ways from volunteering at our local office (year round) or during a health fair (coming from many fields of expertise), providing stamps, donating at events or by mail, giving to PickClickGive or designated United Way agency giving, sponsoring a local community event or bringing our great services to their worksites. With so many other ways to contribute, the list is unlimited and ever changing.

Our hundreds of wonderful volunteers are not only our lifeblood, but the actual throbbing heart of our agency. They have given time, energy and sometimes money to help provide services to thousands of Alaskans statewide.  We also have hundreds of dedicated exhibitors who believe in their own agency’s mission, vision and core purpose as much as we do ours and bring their important messages to our events to share with and educate people of all ages and from all walks of life. Agencies can even contribute articles for our newsletters. Please contact your local office if you’re interested – Anchorage (907) 278-0234, Fairbanks (907) 374-6853 or Juneau (907) 723-5100.

We also appreciate the support of local radio, newspaper and print media publications such as the statewide Senior Voice that help us to get our important message out to the public. We benefit from the generosity of bed and breakfasts and hotels that donate our lodging during our rural travels and restaurants that feed our crews. Items are donated from caring companies and individuals for door prizes, event refreshments and silent auction items.

We have been blessed with a successful four decades long history and look forward to many more decades to come, providing affordable and high quality blood tests, free health screenings and good health education to Alaskans statewide.

With deepest gratitude for your commitment to our agency - Andrei, Betty, Jodie and Sharon (Alaska Health Fair, Inc. staff).


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