Anchorage mayor proclaims Older Americans Month

Whereas, older Americans contribute to the fabric of our community and are keepers of our rich, cultural history; and

Whereas, the Municipality of Anchorage acknowledges that the meaning of “to age” has changed for the better; and

Whereas, the Municipality of Anchorage is committed to supporting older adults as they take charge of their health, explore new opportunities and activities, and focus on independence; and

Whereas, the Municipality of Anchorage celebrates the value of inclusion and honors older adults as leaders in our community and role models for younger Alaskans; and

Whereas, our community strives to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages by promoting and engaging in activity, wellness, and social involvement; emphasizing home- and community-based services that support independent living; and ensuring residents can benefit from the contributions and experience of older adults.

Now, therefore, I, Ethan Berkowitz, Mayor of the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, do herby proclaim May 2020 as Older Americans Month in Anchorage and urge every resident to take time to celebrate older adults and to thank the people who serve them.

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