Alaska Health Fair expands testing options

Call to schedule tests at our office, in your community or at a worksite

Alaska Health Fair is closed for its traditional summer break from July 3 through July 12. The new Fall 2020 health schedule will be published shortly after that timeframe. Check out our website at for the dates being offered in your area of the state. The website will be updated as communities and worksites firm up fall events. You can also find our health newsletters, complete test roster descriptions and other announcements on the same site.

In-office and, now, on-the-road appointments

We have offered blood draw services in both the Anchorage and Fairbanks offices for over three years, with the only price difference being a $10 office appointment fee. This solid “by appointment only” model has become very popular and successful in our new COVID-19 world. So, we’re taking these same methods and expanding them to Alaska communities and worksite events. We have recently taken the appointment model on the road to places like Central, Palmer, Soldotna and Wasilla and it has worked well. We do not charge the office fee at events – only our test prices (see below).

Please give us a call to set up a summer appointment in one of our office locations or at local health venues that have a new feel and flow to them. Just call (907) 278-0234 in Anchorage or (907) 374-6853 in Fairbanks to schedule a convenient time, which may vary according to a particular week or given site.

The appointments are fast and efficient for busy schedules and keep Alaskans safe through social distancing measures, minimizing exposure, and adhering to proper masking and disinfection requirements.

Affordable, private, blood tests

Comprehensive Test (27 panels, CMP, CBC, Lipids) - $45

 This 27 panel test is only one needing a 10 to 12 hour fast

Average Glucose (A1C) - $25

Vitamin D2/D3 - $50

Prostate (PSA) - $25

Thyroid (TSH) - $35

Testosterone - $55

Blood Typing - $20

Vitamin B12 - $35

Ferritin - $35

We hope you are having a wonderful summer,

- Andrei, Betty, Jodie and Sharon (Alaska Health Fair staff)

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