Fall health fairs are coming right up

Alaska Health Fair, Inc. will start holding fall health fairs later this month. We will also continue to offer blood draws by appointment in our office, but are planning to hold the majority of our events at community and worksite venues.

Most fall events will require pre-registration online for a blood test appointment time slot. We will have exhibitors and screeners when space and safety permits. Our staff have returned to local offices and are available should you have questions about the fall season.

Staying informed about Alaska Health Fair events is just a few clicks away. Our health newsletters, seasonal schedules, announcements, agency updates and more are very accessible and easily within your reach. You’ll be the first to get the information that includes the new dates for late summer and fall offerings. The best ways to stay informed include:

- Visit www.alaskahealthfair.org and sign up for the newsletter

- Catch agency/event information on Facebook

- Read our monthly column in Senior Voice (hard copy edition) or online at www.seniorvoicealaska.com

Volunteers have been our lifeblood and we encourage you to consider giving time in one of our medical or non-medical fields.

We hope that your Alaska summer ends on a great note.

Sharon Phillips is the Tanana Valley/Northern Region Program Director for Alaska Health Fair, Inc.

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