Ideas for 2023 goals (aka resolutions)

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Many of us are not fans of New Year’s resolutions, so I prefer to look at it as setting goals for the new year. Some of those goals end up being accomplished – some not, for a variety of reasons that reveal themselves during the new year. Bonus is that sometimes writing down our goals can make a big difference in our outlook on life. Here are a few ideas to get started thinking about what you may want to accomplish in 2023:

Make new friends (or stay in better touch with current friends). Plan more activities with others. Maybe in the process you will want to try a few new hobbies. Become a regular at the local senior center.

Try a new healthy food each week. Come summer, check out the local farmer’s market and maybe try a few vegetables you have not eaten before.

Learn how to make a new favorite dessert. Share with friends.

We have all seen and learned so much in our lives, why not put it down on paper? Write about favorite memories or experiences you have had that maybe shaped you into the person you are today.

Host a game night or join an existing group that gets together for cards, games or movies.

Read more books. Join or create a book club.

Set aside an hour each day to achieve a dream. Identify that dream project – learn a new language? Learn to paint? Write a short story? What have you always wanted to do and have not made the time for?

Make the time to celebrate and ponder the year that is ending. Then look forward to the year that is beginning with a few new goals.

The team at the Anchorage Aging and Disability Resource Center wishes everyone an amazing and Happy New Year.

Submitted by Maureen Haggblom, Anchorage Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) program manager, and the Anchorage ADRC team.

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