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 By Lisa Pajot    Columns    March 1, 2024 

The songbirds of winter

Imagine being a tiny songbird who flies across thousands of miles of boreal forest, facing frigid temperatures and snowstorms, searching for the next crop of birch or spruce seeds. All the while...


Small birds, big preparations for winter

As we near the end of summer, many of us are planning for the winter months ahead: hunting, picking berries, canning vegetables, and freezing summer's food bounty. And the birds who will spend the...

 By Lisa Pajot    Local    March 1, 2023

Birds, too, are methodical about their food

It is midnight, and hunger strikes. You creep down to the refrigerator to find something to eat. You pick up a container, peer inside, and decide there are better options in the cabinet. You decide...

 By Lisa Pajot    Columns    December 1, 2022

How Alaska's winter birds adapt to the cold

This time of year, many of us like to sit back with a warm cup of tea and watch the birds that come to our feeders. Chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and occasionally redpolls and pine grosbeaks par...

 By Lisa Pajot    Columns    August 1, 2022

Alaska's amazingly resourceful raptors

Alaska has a diverse range of habitats and ecosystems that support over 534 different species of birds. Most of these birds are migratory and travel great distances to spend the brief summers here to...


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