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  • Family photos, iCloud scam, Google tricks

    Bob DeLaurentis, Senior Wire|Sep 1, 2017

    Q. My family is spread all over the country, but we keep in touch on Facebook. Do you have any suggestions for things we could do online together? A. My mother, who will turn 80 next year, used Facebook to help her create the ultimate family photo album. Once a week she would select an old family photo and upload it to Facebook. Uploading is easier than ever, since smartphone cameras can digitize images as well as scanners once did. Once online, she would caption the image to identify who was in it, where they were, the date, and any other...

  • Summer's end road trip

    Dimitra Lavrakas, Senior Voice Travel Correspondent|Sep 1, 2017

    We roared out of Bennington, Vermont, to cover 977 miles the first day and somehow avoided speeding tickets. This after deciding we did not like Bennington and would return to my mother's home town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and so put the house up for sale. We worked on the house for over 10 months and it was high time to go on an adventure. And that would be to Dawson City, Yukon Territory, to participate in the Dawson City Riverside Arts Festival and then on to the family cabin across the...

  • Alaska's must-see fall destinations

    Erin Kirkland, For Senior Voice|Sep 1, 2017

    Last weekend I awoke to the sound of pounding rain and a sharp breeze whipping birch branches against my window. The day was as raw and wet as they come, and provided a stark reminder that fall is indeed on its way. Time for one more Alaska road trip. Last Frontier residents are lucky -- we have the advantage of quiet roadways and fewer crowds once the Labor Day weekend fades away and most Alaska attractions button up for another year. Yes, popular places may be closed, but the good news is that...

  • Preventing ID theft takes diligence

    Michelle Tabler, Better Business Bureau Northwest|Sep 1, 2017

    With Better Business Bureau’s free annual event, the Secure Your ID shred day, coming up, it’s a good time to remind people about steps they can take to prevent identity theft. The first line of defense in protecting your identity is to shred all documents with personal information. That includes credit card, bank, utility and other statements, old IRS and tax information, medical statements and credit card offers. Many instances of identity theft still occur by physical methods – dumpster diving and stealing mail out of unsecured mailb...

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