Skin deep: Some solutions for what ails you

Summer is the time when our skin is exposed. We need to keep it looking beautiful. Here are some common skin conditions, as well as solutions.


Dry, cracked skin and blisters can become very painful. Eczema has been associated with sluggish detoxification, autoimmune conditions or reduced intestinal flora. A study just published in Clinical and Experimental Allergy found that the strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is particularly protective against eczema, so make sure your probiotic contains this strain. Some people have eczema flare-ups in response to nickel or metal sensitivities. The more challenging cases are probably related to breaks in the “tight junctions” of your skin, a reflection of immune dysregulation.


This is a full-body inflammatory condition in the body that causes redness and pustules mainly around the nose and center of the face. Avoiding alcohol, direct sunlight and spicy foods will help, but stress is a major player. Stress sparks more pro-inflammatory cytokines and those need to be reduced. Conventional doctors often prescribe prednisone or steroid creams. Probiotics, digestive enzymes supplements and antioxidants can help, and do not interfere with medicine. Grape seed extract and Ester C has also been shown to help.


Some people rub raw garlic cloves on their scars (or their pimples), which is thought to reduce bacterial invasion. Taking Vitamin E by mouth each day can help as well as Vitamin E oil applications. Drink orange juice daily to ramp up vitamin C and keep an aloe vera plant handy. I love aloe – rubbing it on your skin can work wonders in the beginning stages. Small keloid scars can be easily frozen off with liquid nitrogen by a dermatologist.


Calendula creams sold at health food stores are fantastic. Another suggestion is to soak three tea bags of green tea in a pitcher of cold water along with half a cucumber. After one hour (or longer), saturate a wash cloth with the cucumber-tea infused water and apply it to your skin. You can also directly apply the tea bags.

Warts: Common skin warts are viral and salicylic acid remedies are sold at any pharmacy. Immune-building supplements can help. Cat’s claw or reishi mushrooms are options; both have antiviral activity and immune boosting benefits. Folk remedies include covering it with duct tape or nail polish. With time, these usually go away on their own.


(Info to pass on to your grandkids.) Kids with chronic acne may be zinc deficient, or low in natural Vitamin A but usually the cause is related to hormonal imbalances. It usually doesn’t matter if you avoid chocolate, however junk food and refined sugar add to the problem. Don’t pop the zits, that only makes it worse. I suggest you dab some tea tree oil on problem areas. Get routine facials to help gently exfoliate your skin and balance pH. An essential fatty acid supplement may help. I also suggest you apply a facial mask with either bentonite clay or charcoal. I love Origin’s Clear Improvement charcoal mask for this purpose.