By Lawrence David Weiss PhD
For Senior Voice 

New Web resource for aging Alaskans


“Aging Alaskans Info” is a blog and website which I started earlier this year to be a comprehensive resource for aging Alaskans and our families. I started the website for reasons that were personal and difficult, yet familiar to most of us.

I have been in Alaska since 1982, but in the last decade I was responsible for the care of my elderly mother and aunt, who were both living in New Mexico. They have since passed away, but it was a tremendous struggle to try to help them manage their lives from such a great distance. This stressful experience was the impetus to develop the website in the hope that the journey may be easier for Alaska seniors and their families who may be caregivers at a distance. It addresses a wide range of practical topics such as finding local resources, housing, in-home health services, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Periodically Aging Alaskans Info features exclusive interviews with key people who have vital information about aging in Alaska. In the near future, for example, I will publish an interview with Teresa Holt, Long Term Care Ombudsman for the State of Alaska; and another interview with Bianca Rauch, Chaplain for Providence Hospice.

Finally, we older persons want to share our experiences. Aging Alaskans Info celebrates our culture by including short stories, poetry, memoirs, book reviews and essays by and about aging Alaskans. To explore Aging Alaskans Info, type into your Internet browser.


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