Alaska Health Fair summer schedule

Our agency has had a challenging year, as many non-profits have during our nation’s health crisis. The loyalty of many long-time clients, the curiosity of many new clients, plus many regular contributors have helped us to ride the crazy, wild waves of 2020-2021 and we didn’t go under water during the process. We are survivors and have proven this time and again over the past 41 years of serving Alaskans statewide.

The Southcentral and Southeast health fair programs are closing their spring season at the end of May and the Tanana Valley Northern Region Program will close their spring season in mid-June. Our offices statewide are closed for our traditional summer break from July 2-11 (surrounding the Independence Day holiday).

We’ll start office blood draw tests again in August and officially begin our fall health fair season then. Please check out the Alaska Health Fair website at for a listing of new fall events as they get scheduled, newsletters, announcements and updates.

 We traditionally offer heart and stroke health, diabetes prevention and management to include kidney health, prostate health and other educational topics from a variety of exhibitors, educators and screeners. During COVID, we refrained from involving exhibitors and screeners but hope to return to offering this education on a steadily increasing basis.

We are always looking for skilled phlebotomists and other medical and non-medical volunteers, of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. Our volunteers provide strong support at community or worksite health fairs. They also assist in administrative tasks and our important office draw services as we continue using our appointment-based model, which has proven to be popular.

Our office staff schedule flex time during the summer, so if you have an important matter to discuss, reach out before the end of June or in late July and we’ll help you in any way possible.

Sharon Phillips is the Tanana Valley/Northern Region Program Director for Alaska Health Fair, Inc.