Your blood is needed, regardless of age

The Blood Bank of Alaska (BBA), located at 1215 Airport Heights Drive in Anchorage, is just a stone’s throw from the Anchorage Senior Activity Center. Did you know that as a senior over 70 years old, you may still give blood? All you need is a written doctor’s acknowledgement that you are well and able to do so. Given the continuing need for all blood types, especially O-positive, O-negative, and A-positive, we welcome Alaska seniors to give blood, including seniors from rural parts of the state. The need for blood and blood products in our state never diminishes.

Are you, your friends, or family outside of Anchorage? Blood Bank of Alaska has donation facilities in Fairbanks, Juneau and Wasilla, all prepared to make convenient appointments for you to come donate. In Fairbanks, blood donors can call 907-456-5645. In Juneau, they can call 907-222-5680, and in Wasilla, call 907-357-5555.

To schedule a donation in Anchorage, call 907-222-5600. You may also schedule an appointment at the Dimond Center Mall. In addition, calling will also help arrange a mobile blood collection vehicle to visit a site you might want to recommend. Online, visit

Blood Bank of Alaska is the state’s sole blood collection, processing and distribution non-profit organization. It continues to successfully manifest its core mission, to provide safe, quality blood products to Alaskan patients in need.

Along with uninterrupted core service delivery, the BBA offers its facility as a convenient location for obtaining COVID-19 vaccinations to the general public. This partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage’s Department of Health is an ongoing community benefit we are providing at no cost to the municipality or the public. You are welcome to call 646-3322 to schedule an appointment, or to seek further COVID and/or variant information.

Our core mission, now in its 59th year, still needs about 2,500 blood donations per month to meet hospital demand for an array of life-saving blood products. If you’re not already a blood donor, please consider stepping up and joining us. We need you. All blood collected to meet the medical needs of your family, friends and neighbors is voluntarily donated.

Just 4% of Americans are actual blood donors. The majority of us therefore, depend on a relatively few dedicated volunteers to provide blood for our medical needs. One out of three of us will require blood or blood products in our lifetime, more so as seniors. The profile is the same in Alaska, but with the added challenges of our geographical and distribution realities.

We hope to welcome you soon to one of the BBA’s in-state facilities. Painless blood donations are a lifeline to the health and recovery of your fellow Alaskans. Please join the effort to support them in their time of need.

Robert W. Scanlon is the Blood Bank of Alaska CEO.

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