Free Medicare counseling for Alaskans

Hello, my name is Lee Coray-Ludden, I am a Medicare counselor based at the Soldotna Senior Center. I serve Southeast Alaska, and anywhere else in Alaska that my skills can be of use. I almost feel like I am traveling Alaska having worked with people in Nome, Soldotna, Kodiak and of course the many communities of Southeast Alaska. I travel by phone, not by plane or boat. I am trained through SHIP (Alaska State Health Insurance Program) and coordinate with them. I have lived in Alaska since 1969, and on the Kenai Peninsula since 1974.

Give me a call and we can consider solutions together. When is your birthday? Have you been in touch with the Social Security Administration? Would you like to explore some options related to Medicare? What is Part D? What are your choices for supplemental plans?

Do you have a computer or access to one? I can direct you to various helpful sites. We can also do the exploration together on the computer, even if we are physically not together. This allows an opportunity for additional discussion. More information means better decisions and permits you to make informed choices.

I am available Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There are no fees for services. Call 907-262-2322.

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