Meet your Older Persons Action Group board of directors

Yvonne Chase, Anchorage

I think the snowy winters in Michigan, where I was raised, prepared me for Alaska. After 40 years in Alaska, I considered myself an Alaskan and Anchorage is home. I came to Alaska in the late 1970s to work for what was then the Division of Family and Youth Services (DFYS). After living in large cities as a young adult, (Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco) my family members were surprised when I headed to Alaska. I worked in the Dept. of Health and Social Services, Dept. of Regional Affairs, and Dept. of Education, during my time in state government. Working in various departments has given me a good sense of the unmet needs of children and families, including seniors, as well as where the gaps in services exist. I have been fortunate to travel to most parts of this wonderful state, and where else could I wake up to snowcapped mountains most of the year? I am currently serving as chair of the Dept. of Human Services, in the College of Health, at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

I have served on the board of OPAG since 2014. OPAG coordinates a monthly "Providers' Breakfast", in which agencies serving seniors come together to share information. It also publishes the Senior Voice. If you are a regular reader of Senior Voice, then you know the information gap that it fills. It covers everything from keeping us up to date on legislative priorities, information on new housing and services for seniors, and changes in Medicare benefits, to theatre productions. What you may not know is that under the editorial guidance of executive director David Washburn, the Senior Voice continues to win national awards each year for both content and layout.

Alaska's communities differ by size and available services, including health care and transportation. Alaska's seniors are a busy group. Whether working or retired, we travel in-state, nationally and internationally, we need accessible housing, quality healthcare, we vote and we stay current on what is happening in our state. We read the Senior Voice!

If you are interested in serving on the Older Persons Action Group, Inc. board of directors, send a query and resume to

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