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 By Dr. Emily Kane    Health    February 1, 2023 

Keep an eye on your vision health

If you wear glasses (or contacts) try to minimize their use to times when you are reading, driving or doing other precision work. But if you're just lounging around at home and can bathe, cook,...


Resolutions, opportunities for behavior change

Even though January first is just another day, many of us will invest some energy in reviewing our successes in the year flown by, and strategize for further personal gains in the precious time that remains ahead. This is an excellent exercise in sel...


The season of remembrance and giving thanks

One of the most poignant exercises I have experienced was during hospice training in which participants envision, and write down, four favorite people, four favorite places, four favorite activities and four favorite objects. In the exercise, we...


Healthy nutrition requires planning and effort

There are many health benefits to getting leaner, going well beyond fitting more comfortably in your clothes. It is important to savor food, take time to cook nice meals and especially take time to chew and enjoy every mouthful. Food is so yummy,...

 By Dr. Emily Kane    Columns    July 1, 2022

Focus on food, exercise for lifetime health

Is your “lifestyle” correlated to your health? Although the intuitively obvious answer is a resounding “yes”, very little credence is given in the standard of care to the powerful impact of your day-to-day choices on your wellbeing. It’s...

 By Dr. Emily Kane    Columns    May 1, 2022

Save your brain with these approaches

An estimated 6.5 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s disease today.  This is nearly 11% of seniors in the U.S. The cost of caring for patients with Alzheimer’s is approaching $300 billion annually, which is greater...


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